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Organic Food – Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle.

by Mukesh Kumar 15 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Food and ingredients produced free from chemicals, pesticides, additives and GMOs is organic food. The organic method of farming is simply healthier, safer and better for us. It’s also better for the farmers who produce the food, the surroundings and the entire ecosystem. Simply put, this is how our food used to be grown, and making the switch to organic is a win-win for everyone.

Benefits of organic food:

  1. Safe to consume:

    Conventional food is Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO foods. They contain pesticides, chemicals, toxins, preservatives and so many other fertilizers that can cause harm to you. If you’re looking at leading a healthy lifestyle, you have to reduce the intake of foods that contain GMO, and other toxins. Your best bet is to switch to organic; they are grown organically and safe to consume.

  2. Improves Immunity:

    Preservatives used on plants and vegetables help increase their life, but end up damaging your immune system. Choosing organic food means no intake of such toxins, thus improving your immunity. If you have good immunity, your body can eliminate the infections of viruses and bacteria, keeping you healthy.

  3. Keeps water clean:

    Pesticides don’t belong in drinking water, lakes or oceans, but right now most of the water on earth is polluted. Conventional food uses pesticides that don’t break down in water completely, and end up being there for years. Whereas organic food farming methods use lesser and cleaner water, thus preserving the earth’s water.

  4. Offers outstanding flavour:

    Organic food is fresh from the farms and does not contain any artificial preservatives. Although the shelf life of organic food is shorter, you’re sure to get a fresher, better tasting product.

  5. Worth every rupee:

    Organic food is priced a little higher than conventional foods, but it is the quality you are paying for. But, if we make a conscious effort in buying organic, then the prices will also be competitive.

These are some of the many benefits of organic food. Along with being good for your health, it is good for the environment as well.

The world is returning to purity, are you?

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