We started with a small-scale organic farming at Roorkee, Haridwar 10 years back, subsequently, many farmers started associating with us and we have become a big team. we started organic processing for Organic jaggery raw sugar and Jaggery powder in Haridwar with all food safety, quality, and organic certifications. recently we have diversified our field projects and organic product range like pulses, rice, millets, spices, oils, ghee, flours, poha, teas, jams and others. we have started our own retail brand "Jivamrit Organic" to provide benefit direct to customers. We Work with over 2500 Farmers across 5 States on 12,000 ha of land. All of Jivamrit Organic products subscribe to Indian and US Organic standards.



Our Vision is to provide healthy food to our customers and society. we believe organic food is the best way to do this. We aim to provide organic food products at affordable prices so that the common man can enjoy organic healthy food

Our Certifications

Our product and processing facilities have been certified for US NOP and Indian NPOP organic Standards.

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Jivamrit Organic, Pioneering a Culinary Brand, Launches Its Exquisite Range of Products

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